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- You DO NOT need to download any drivers to operate the Kyutec Camera Pens or Watches. You only need to download drivers if you would like to use the device as a Webcam (currently this is only available for Windows users).


How do I turn it on?
Press and hold power button for 2 seconds. Blue LED is on and the device will start recording video. (Don’t hold for longer or the device will switch off)

How do I pause recording?


To pause video recording press power button once to pause recording. Orange LED will indicate paused video recording.


How do I turn it off?

Press and hold power button for switch off.


How do I switch from video to photo mode?

Unscrew the pen to reveal the USB connector. Find the mode switch above the USB. Move the switch to the left to record video, move the switch to the right to take phone.


How do I take photos?

Make sure the mode switch is to right.

Press button once. LED blue light flashing blue in standby mode.

Press button once, orange LED flashes once, indicating a photo is taken.


How To Use the 4GB Camera Pen?


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