Pain Relief Pad- Frequently Asked Questions

1.How safe is TENS?


TENS, namely transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is 100% clinically tested and proven. Therefore, it is extremely safe and safely approved for self-treatment. TENS works by passing gentle impulses to treat pain and does not have any side effects.


2.What kinds of pain does it treat?


It is clinically proven and tested to treat your back pain, sore joints, neuralgia, menstrual cramps in women, injury pain etc.


3.How well does it stick onto skin?


It is extremely long lasting and sticks onto skin well. For your best experience for next time use, you can clean the surface with lukewarm water, and stick the plastic protector back together after use.


4.Where can I get more Gel Pads?

You can order more Refill Gel Pads through here.


5.How to turn it on and off?


To turn it on, simply hold down the “+” button until you hear a long beep. To turn it off, hold down the “-”.


6.How to explore levels of intensity?

Press “+” or “-” to increase or decrease the intensity for your desired comfort.


7.What does it mean when I hear a constant beeping?

There could be two reasons for this:

  • Your battery is running low. Please replace it with a new one and retry.
  • Your Pain Relief Pad does not have proper contact to your skin. Please make sure it is sticking onto your skin properly. Alternatively, you can retry with a new Gel Pad.


8.When to replace the Gel Pad with a new one?

Each Gel Pad is good for more than 30 usage times. If it gets yellowish, it is a good sign that indicates that it is time to replace it with a new Gel Pad.


8a. How to replace the Gel Pad?

Remove the used Gel Pad by hand slowly. Attach a new Gel Pad properly same as above procedure.


9. What type of battery to use for the Pain Relief Pad?

3V CR2032 battery.


10. Who cannot use the Electro Pain Relief Pad?

People who are pregnant, have cancer or have a pacemaker are not recommended to use it.


Do you need more help? Send us an email to support@kyutec.net. We would love to hear from you soon!

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