Frequently Asked Questions

1.How helpful is the Kyutec Snore Stopper?

The Kyutec Snore Stopper is tested and proven to stop snoring. It is a safe and smart choice to stop your snoring or that of your partner. You can recover during the night and have a higher sleep quality!


2.How does the Kyutec Snore Stopper stop my snoring? 

The Kyutec Snore Stopper is developed based on the concept of snores. Snoring is caused when your airway becomes too narrow for the air to travel through to the lungs, causing a sound which is snoring. 


100% drug-free and without side effects, the Kyutec Snore Stopper has been tested to effectively stop your snoring! When you snore, the device sends off a gentle impulse onto your skin, probing you to

  • Change your sleeping position
  • Increase the muscle tones of the throat to allow the air to travel through easily


3.Where can I use it?

It is wireless. You can use it at home, in the hotel, during your flight, etc.


4.Where can I get more Electrode Pads?

You can order more Refill Electrode Pads through here


5.When does the LED light go from red to green?

When the LED shows green, it means the device has proper contact to your skin, so you can start using it.


6.What to do when the LED light still shows red?

If so, the device does not have proper contact to your skin yet. There are a few things you can do:

  • Check if the power has been turned on yet
  • Adjust the wrist belt into a position until the LED shows green light. 
  • Check if the battery is installed


7.Is it possible to know the number of times that the device gives an impulse during the night?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to know.


 Do you need more help? Send us an email to support@kyutec.net. We would love to hear from you soon!

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    the light keep flashing red after 2-3 flashes of greed after switch on .

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