Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: You DO NOT need to download any drivers to operate the Kyutec Camera Pens or Watches. You only need to download drivers if you would like to use the device as a Webcam (currently this is only available for Windows users).

How to turn it on?

Press power On/Off button for 1 second. You will see LED Red and blue light flash together. The device will begin recording video.

How to pause?

Press A Key twice. The blue LED will flash each time you press. The video will stop and save to the memory.

How do I continue video recording?

Press A Key once. The blue LED will flash 3 times.

Shooting photo mode:

Blue LED is on. Press the C Key once, Blue LED will turn to Red. Now in shooting mode. Press A key to shoot photo. Red LED will flash once.

Audio recording Mode:

Press C Key twice. Red LED turns to Blue & Red, now in Audio recording mode. Press A key, blue and red LED flashing means audio recording. To pause audio record, just press A Key once. Audio will be saved and back into standby mode.

Power Off:

Press A Key for 2 seconds, Red LED flashing and then power off.

How to charge?

Connect to USB provide with the HD Camera Watch.

How long does it take to charge?

The watch takes 3 to 4 hour to charge.

My Camera Watch is not Connecting/charging?

This is a common issue. It usually means the the USB isn't connected to the Watch properly. Please insert the USB into the watch until you hear the definite "Click" sound. This indicates the cable is connected correctly. 


What Happens If I Loose My Button For My USB Port?

If your Kyutec Camera Watches button falls off or is lost we can send the button to the you instead of replacing the whole watch. Please contact us support@kyutec.net for further details.



Watch is only water resistant. Watch is not suitable for water sports or activities. Please do not use during activities such as swimming, diving or other water related activities.

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