Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn it on?


Press multi function button for 4 seconds till you see the blue LED flash 4 times.


How to pair the Stylus?


Press the multi function button till you see the blue & red LED flash.



Then turn on your bluetooth with your smart device. You will find the Stylus listed as: “KT1036”. Please click and pair.



How long does the battery last?


For phone 5 hours

For music 5 hours


Standby : 180 hours


How long does it take to charge?

More than 2 hours.


How do I power off?

Press and hold he multi function button until you see the red LED light flash 4 times.


Can the Bluetooth hands-free stylus be connected with the laptop, PC or PDA?


Device that support the Bluetooth version and function can be connected with hands-free stylus.

Note: Please refer to the user-manual of the-laptop, PC, and PDA devices.


What deice will affect the quality of calls? 


The quality of calls may be affected by the wireless devices, electrostatic noise will occurs commonly, please keep the Bluetooth hands-free stylus away from the radio waves electrical appliances, in order to prevent interference.

Note: Please be aware of the position of the devices making radio waves during phone calls.


Can my Bluetooth conversation be listened in to by other Bluetooth mobile devices?


The radio-frequency power of Bluetooth is far lower than regular mobile phone signal power, so the Bluetooth signal is hard to be monitored by the third party device. Because after Bluetooth hands-free stylus connected with the mobile phone, a secure connecting with be built between the hands-free stylus and the device.


How should I clean the Bluetooth hands-free stylus?


Use a dry soft cloth to clean it.


The Bluetooth stylus can’t be powered on?


- The battery is empty:

Charge the Stylus with the charger provided. This will take over 2 hours.


- You have not pressed the power on button long enough:


Press and Hold the power button for about 4 seconds. Note: The Blue LED flashes 4 times along with the Beep alert.


The Bluetooth Stylus can’t power off?


The Stylus program errors occur by the incorrect operation. Please refer to the RESET in the Basic Operations section of the User Manual.


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