Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the Abdominal Trainer every day?

Sure, you can. For best results, we recommend a 4-week training plan with 1-2 days of rest.

2. Are there any areas I should not use for Abdominal Trainer for?

Please do NOT use it on the neck, head, face, around your heart.

3. How safe is the Abdominal Trainer?

TENS, namely transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is 100% clinically tested and proven. Therefore, it is extremely safe and safely approved for self-treatment. TENS works by passing gentle impulses to treat pain and does not have any side effects.

4.Where can I get Refill Gel Pads?

You can order more Refill Gel Pads through here

5. What does it mean when I hear a constant beeping?

There could be two reasons for this:
- Your battery is running low. Please replace it with a new one and retry.
- Your Abdominal Trainer does not have proper contact to your skin. Please make sure it is sticking onto your skin properly. Alternatively, you can retry with a new Gel Pad.

6. How do I make sure the battery cover stays in place?

The battery cover needs staying in place in order for the device to start working. If you need further help in this process, please watch the video below:



Do you need more help? Send us an email to support@kyutec.net. We would love to hear from you soon! 

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