ID Unknown, Device OFFLINE error

Here are some reasons why the Kolki App will show ID unknown or offline as an error:

1. No data plan on the SIM card -> please buy a data plan

2. Wrong ID input into the app, please check your ID number on the back metal plate of the Kolki watch.

3. Sim card operator has no 2G network (they are being phased out in some countries). Please check with your operator. We are working on new generations which can use modern 4G networks.

4. Server connection for the app to work is not available. This has to do with the SIM card operator's network settings, which we in each case have to find out individually and solve. Those are called APN settings and can be provided by your Sim card operator. Then you can set those inside the Kolki 2 app and an SMS will be sent to the watch – adjusting the network setting.

5. Inputting Phone number instead of the watch ID into the Watch ID field.

6. Any ID starting with 145xxxxx requires an upgrade which we have to do manually. So providing us with the ID number of the Kolki watch is the first step to solving the offline issue.

7. Please note that if your device shows it is offline, Often this simple SMS explained here sent to the Kolki can solve a lot of issues.


When you write to us please provide your Kolki ID number. We can help you faster when we receive that number in your request.

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