I Bought a Kyutec Pain Relief Pad, but it's not working!

If you have a new Kyutec Pain Relief Pad and it is not functioning, there are usually some steps you can take to ensure it is working properly, besides changing the battery. 
First you might want to watch this video for correct usage
Other tips that usually solve the problem are: 
1. Ensure that you have have stuck the gels onto the pad properly. Please also remove the protective layer that is still attached to one side of the pain relief pad – that protective layer you can re-use after usage.
2. Ensure that the pain relief pad has contact across it's ENTIRE surface
3. Ensure just to be sure that you have the battery installed inside. Push the + Button and hold for a few seconds. If the contact surface is even and the pad is evenly covering the surface, it should work just fine. 
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