Kolki APP says: Device is offline. What do I do now?

I can now register my watch but when I try to do anything in the settings it keeps telling me that device is offline?

For this problem, you need to reset the watch to work with the correct server IP address. This can be accomplished by sending a text message to your Kolki watch phone number. 

For Android phone users, please delete all data of “kolki 2” APP. Then scan the QR code to download a new one. iOS Users will be automatically updated through the app store.

Make sure the watch is with sim card, and it is online too. How to make sure the watch is online? Just call the watch, and it rings

Write an SMS message and send to the watch. The SMS message is: pw,123456,ip,d.etabwearable.com,7755# 

NOTE: Send the text message repeatedly to ensure it is successful. 

If it does not work then try with a different default password


NOTE: If your password pin number is different from the default of 123456, or 523681, PLEASE INPUT YOUR PASSWORD PIN instead. 

Once you got a SMS message reply from watch sim number, it means all settings are finished. You can click APP to log in.

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